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Jho is a Fine Art Photographer, raised in the Bay Area, California.  She is proficient in documentary, conceptual, and candid style photography and has been featured in several magazines and newspapers in the Bay Area.  She was formally trained at Laney College, Oakland, CA which contributed to her ability to capture real moments in such powerful ways.


Jho says photography is her favorite form of expression and the most interesting moments for her to capture are from projects involving civic and cultural events, live entertainment, travel, and life, all from her own unique perspectives.


Photography gives her endless opportunities and reasons to travel the world and make a heartfelt impact with her skills. She also intends to use her images as a voice to cause awareness for people that need it the most. One of her plans in this lifetime is to use photography to be of service to others all over the globe.

She loves making connections through art, music, culture, and deep conversations. Traveling to her is essential, discovering new places, exploring cultures, accumulating experiences. She believes this world is meant to be explored, and she draws inspiration from it.  She believes in being free spirited, living outside of the box, free of labels. A young heart, with an old soul. Forever a student of life and photography, 

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